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Screenful is the easiest way to visualise and share your project progress using data from your existing tools.

QuietOn's active noise cancelling earplugs significantly reduce stress level caused by constantly noisy environments.

Loupedeck + lets you be more creative, makes your photo and video editing faster, and allows you to focus on what's important - your craft.

Perfect Dashboard is an AI-powered platform that learns how web-hosting customers are consuming their services, uses rich data-parsing to determine what they need, and then provides the most powerful marketing in the hosting world on behalf of hosting companies.

OGOship handles the physical distribution of goods of online retail with as much transparency, ease of use and cost efficiency as possible.

React & Share makes it easy to measure the impact of your content and get feedback on any website.

Meeshkan is a framework for accelerated machine learning. It uses JIT compilation, a real-time scheduler, and state-of-the-art gradient compression to squeeze as much juice from your processing units as possible.

NurseBuddy Care Management software allows home care companies to manage their business with an easy to use online platform and mobile app. NurseBuddy enables scheduling, invoicing, care plans and reporting tools for home care companies to improve their efficiency and decrease costs.

Make Customer Feedback Actionable! Find out what drives your Net Promoter Score. Track all customer experience insights from one simple software.

FNA Platform allows financial institutions to map and monitor complex financial networks and to simulate operational and financial risks. Over a decade of pioneering research into financial graph analytics makes the company a leader in its field. FNA’s clients include the world’s largest central banks, financial market infrastructures and financial institutions.

Claned is a cloud-based learning platform that maximizes learning outcomes by combining artificial intelligence, collaborative learning and world-class pedagogy. Claned helps individuals and organizations remove barriers to digital learning, improve study engagement and learning results. Their real-time analytics, intuitive collaborative features and ease of use lets you concentrate on what is essential – learning.

Illiteracy is everywhere and there are 781 million illiterate people globally. This means that one out of five people cannot read this sentence. Illiteracy causes social exclusion, economic alienation and impedes most forms of learning. 10% of all people are dyslexic. Depending on the language and writing system, every country in the world suffers from dyslexia, the world’s most common learning disability. 74% of children with dyslexia will remain so into adulthood if not diagnosed by age 8. GraphoGame (in Finland Ekapeli) is the only evidence-based literacy game in the world!

Feelingstream builds tools that use Advanced Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to radically improve customer experience. They help companies automate their processes and move faster towards digitalization. helps to reduce food waste by offering wide selection of food and consumables in their online store.

Inscripta is the most trusted and cost-effective dictation and transcription service provider. Getting started is free. No license fees or any other additional costs required. You pay only per use.

Welmu International Oy is an environmentally friendly technology company and the developer of a wood-based, yet transparent packaging material called Woodly. At the moment, they are working very hard to make sure you can find products packed in Woodly® at stores.

Buddy Healhcare wants to solve the biggest problems hospitals, clinics and patients are facing in surgeries: patient adherence to treatment, late cancellations and no-shows, administrative work and care quality.

Sweetspotter is your smart recruiter in the cloud. Their algorithms and skilled professionals match companies requirements with skills of professionals.

Rentle offers everything you need to run your rental business with just one tool. Rentle includes an online shop and a payment terminal for your in-store without any fixed costs. The payment terminal is integrated to your digital rental contracts so that everything stays up to date. Rentle's powerful digital rental contracts work across all your channels: online, in-store and even for phone reservations.

WITVIEW searches automatically for consumer ratings and expert reviews of the products all around the internet and shows the compiled information to customers directly within your online store. You can think of WITVIEW as an automated and intelligent online search. Just like the customer itself would search for a product online, but instead the service does it automatically and compiles only the relevant information to be shown directly in your online store.


Natural cosmetics company Jolie was sold to Oy Transmeri Ab in December 2018.