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About us

Our goal is to help companies in their growth by providing financial possibilities and growth knowledge.

Ali is highly successful entrepreneur and now he wants to help others to reach their full potential.

He was co-founder of Med Group Oy which he was growing from 0 to 100 m€ revenue in 10 years. Company was later sold to Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy and Colosseum Dental Group. After Ali left day to day responsibilities in Med Group he have been an angel investor.

Ali is also board member in Finnish Business Angel Network (FiBAN)


What We do

We seek for great teams with great ideas.

We provide founding teams with financial resources but also much more help which is needed for growth. We are always available for intensive sparring with the founders or their team. We can provide help in multiple areas including business processes, productization, marketing, sales, financing etc.

Our portfolio entrepreneurs have also access to network where they can learn from their peers. Our portfolio network is group of highly professional growth entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds.

Man in charge

Ali Omar

Ali is the main man. He is highly passionate about growth and wants to make it happen in our portfolio companies.

Ali is entrepreneur with highly successful track record.